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For The Gift Giver

It is almost their wedding day, you have bought your dress and booked the annual leave but what about the gift? What do you give the couple who have everything?!

Before you go rushing out to puchase that ice-cream maker, remember, approximately

70% of couples live together pre-marriage so chances are they have already filled their love nests with all their favourite furnishings. With this in mind, money is probably the best option, with generic vouchers as a close second preference.

If you are like me and hate the thought or thoughtlessness that so often is affiliated with non gift giving, here are my

TOP TEN TOKEN GIFTS - created with a wide range of budgets in mind

1. Pamper them with a spa package at their honeymoon destination

2. Send them off in style with luxury luggage - check this REISS beauty below - it's pricey but aren't they worth it!

3. Heat things up with an hot air baloon ride -

4. Spice things up with a meal at their favourite restaurant

5. Chill out post wedding with tickets to a gig or theatre

6. Get hands on by baking their wedding cake or better again pay a professional to do it. Learn to bake at or for beauteous designer wedding cakes visit

7. Reconstruct their wedding night, with one night's stay in their wedding venue, post wedding

8. Frame their friendship with some art work -

9. Plant a tree in celebration and let them watch their love grow! -

10. Photograph their wedding on the quiet and put a digital album together online for their return

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