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Finding The Right Pick

For your big day when it comes to wedding flowers can seem overwhelming! Especially, if you have spent hours bouquet scrolling on the gram.

No need to worry-a good florist will be happy to suggest and recommend the best flowers for your wedding. A good starting point is sharing your pinterest link or saved instagram favourites to give your wedding florist a visual on your wedding style. From there, we would consider other important factors such as seasonality, colour palette, height of bride, weather, vibe of wedding (fun or formal etc) texture of dress as well as shapes eg. structured bride's bouquet v wild bride's bouquet.

For ceremony styling and reception styling, we would of course aim to keep these flowers cohesive. However, savings could be made by choosing a less expensive alternative where installations require bulk quantities or not at eye level. Floral installations such as a flower arch, we would opt for more hardy flowers that would last well out of water. These latter decisions would usually be made by the experienced florist but the complete flower recipe would be hand picked to best complement your overall colour palette...Share your wedding dream with our florist and we will bring it to life through flowers and styling in a creative way that best suits your style and budget.

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