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Planning a wedding during Covid...

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Does not have to compromise your vision-yes your wedding will be a little different but let's make it different in the best of ways by getting creative!

Here are a few ways to de feature Covid and refocus on your big day!

The morning of

Gift your uninvited guests goody bags while they watch your vows online via webcam, zoom

Create an outdoor floral installation for drive by guests to take photos of the happy couple

The ceremony

Place cute elements between guests seats to gently remind social distancing eg single rose, ceremony book

Play with more traditional layouts (civil) to maximize the space

The drinks reception

Keep the guests flowing through the venue, avoid traffic by via cute signposting eg confetti balloons, chalk hearts on footpaths

Take your wedding to the outdoors (weather permitting)

Avoid guestbook stations and leave message cards at individual place settings

Ask guests to be your photographer and capture photos for instagram

The dinner reception

Maximise or minimise empty spaces in the dining room by filling it with appropriately styled props, if your are on a budget opt for lanterns and atmospheric candlelight

Elevate the table scape to include coloured linens, textured florals and moody candlelight to creatively eliminate any space on the table

Invest in a beautiful floral backdrop for top table if you are inviting guests on zoom

Its all about de featuring Covid while still being safe, by zooming into the beautiful details that will have your guests talking for years to come! If you need help bringing your wedding vision to life, email to chat about your wedding flower and styling options x

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