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Spring is Nearing!


It's nearly that time of the year again when nature stands to attention with Wordsworth's yellow daffodils sprouting from every roadside and roundabout in the country - yes Spring is nearing! This is such a beautiful time of year to get married, with May being the second most popular month, after September. Why? The day is getting longer, the weather is heating up and flowers are in full bloom.

The choices for Spring bouquets are endless. While you may have been inspired by the March daffodil, most florists will not recommend featuring them in your bouquet as they tend to leak and wilt. Tulips make a modest but underestimated alternative.

If it's a pop of Easter yellow you want why not add some billy buds? These make a fun, whimsicaladdition to buttonierres too. What I like to call the princess of wedding flowers, the peony, is a very popular choice for May weddings. I love them mixed with eucalyptus and a sprinkle of fever few or wild daisies. Or, if it's more unusual you want, why not try a loose handtied bunch of anaemones.

If you're attempting diy flowers, dont forget to cut of any residue of lillies or thorns and other unwanted pieces, that may lead to staining or snagging.

However you choose, consider the style of your wedding, your height, the shape and texture of your dress.

The trend : Brides opting for more wild flowers in their bouquets and shape has being swaying towards a less formal, trailing bouquet.

2014/2015 sees emergence of fresh foliage garlands such as olive and sage favoured over more elaborate floral centrepieces on tablescapes.

Top Tip : Don't forget to dry out your bouquet or buttoniere to be box framed as a memoir, afterwards.

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