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Spoon Me!

I first spotted this personalised silverware on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with the idea of adorning the top table place setting with these cuties. They are quite expensive to buy so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered how to DIY silverware in a similar fashion on

All you need is ... love &

Silverware (spoons!)

Steel wool or sandpaper,

1 dishcloth,

1 black permanent marker,

1 hammer,

1 cment or steel block,

& 1 handy metal letter stamping set.

It's probably best to start with short love notes eg. "mr & mrs" before progressing to sentences!

Wrap the dishcloth and place it face down on a steel block.

Hammer the back of the spoon until it is completely flattened.

With permanent marker, mark the number of letters in your word (with dots) on the spoon.

Beginning with a middle letter, carefully place your stamp over the corresponding middle dot, being certain that the letter is facing the right direction.

Firmly whack the top of the stamp once with your hammer. Repeat with remaining letters, until your word or phrase is complete.

Using your marker, completely fill in each letter—no need to stay within the lines.

Using steel wool or sandpaper, gradually buff away the black permanent marker marks surrounding the letters.

Silverware can be hammered, twisted, tilted and bent into gift tags or napkin rings or bracelets as well.

DIY do-ers - there is a whole drawer out there just waiting to be stamped :) When you conquer the cutlery perhaps you could try jewellery!

If you're not convinced and would rather splurge than stamp, try for hand stamped vintage cutlery.

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