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Spring Has Sprung!

Wedding flowers

Hello Spring!

Depending on your school of thought, the debate still rages on as to whether Spring actually launches in February or March! We're happy to let nature take the cue on this one, so when the daffodils and cherry blossoms start to bloom, we know it's time to wave goodbye to winter. Every season can bring unique qualities to your wedding aesthetic; from cosy candlelight in winter or al fresco ceremonies in summer. Summer still remains the most popular time of year for weddings, however, we feel Spring should not be overlooked and here's why;

  1. The huge range of flowers available, see below

  2. Your guests will thank you as there are lots of weddings in the summer.

  3. Better date availability for all of your favourite suppliers.

  4. New season, new fashion!

  5. Add new colours to your palette.

  6. Embrace the bank/public holidays so you & your guests can keep annual leave & still have more time to celebrate!

  7. It tends not to be as hot as Summer - who wants to compromise on the statement gown for the weather!

  8. Some suppliers count Feb & March as off peak so you might even save money!

Email for details on our Spring styling services x

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