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Book your styling consultation!

When planning your wedding day, it's hugely important that we get all the little details right. When designing the aesthetic of your day, it evokes all sorts of questions, from flower selection to decor desires. When our couples fill out the contact form they are simply telling us that they like what we do and are curious for more information. 

We would like to be as helpful as possible when replying to their query. Creativity and consideration of individual couples and their wedding venue is at the forefront of our business. We don't want to create a lazy, one size fits all package that so many others do. There is so much more we can offer you by just adding a little more information. 

Enter our styling consultation. 


FREE. We do not charge for this service! We love doing these consultations, as it helps us get to know you and your wedding day a little better and we can create the best sample styling service for you.

AVAILABILITY. We understand you are probably working long hours (building up the annual leave for that honeymoon:)) or planning from another time zone so we offer between 7am - 9pm appointments. We can even offer you a lunch time appointment so you can literally have your cake and eat it! 

PRECISE. We contact you for a 12-15min friendly chat, to gather as much information as possible about how you visualise your wedding day. You talk, we listen...It's a questionnaire style chat but we don't want to take up half your day with needless qs now because we know as we get to know each other, we will naturally fill in these gaps. 

NO OBLIGATION. Consultations are obligation free. Once they are completed we will return to you a detailed sample styling service within 48 hours for your perusal. After that it's up to you! 

FLEXIBILE. Some couples have their exact ideas pinned down and others are still deciding. Thats ok! Your wedding date is held automatically until you receive your sample styling service. If you're happy with the service, we do advise you book your wedding date to avoid disappointment. However, the finer detail can be swapped out or added to up to 8 weeks pre your wedding date!

Email to book your styling consultation, we look forward to chatting with you x

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